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Chang Kim

A freelance journalist focusing only on the Otaku industry. My fields of report cover anime, manga, music, video games, and etc.



[News] Four Persona Games Announced for North America

In late 2013, Atlus gave the announcement for three brand new additions to the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona video game series. Those announcements included Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth , Persona 4: Dancing All Night , and the long awaited Persona 5 . Not only were Japanese fans caught in the excitement, but so were overseas fans.

The Uzi Import Report: Beelzebub

Welcome to another edition of the Import Report! This week we’ll be going over one of Weekly Shonen Jump’s top series: Beelzebub . However, before that we’d like to remind you that this is a bi-monthly column which will be looking into anything from Japan that deserves (or at least people wish) to be localized outside of Japan.

ZUN AWA Panel: Recap

ZUN, one of the biggest independent game creators in Japan, has made his way to North America for the first time at Anime Weekend Atlanta. On Day 1 of Anime Wee.
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Artist Alley: Interview With Kim Jung Gi

Written by: Chang Kim Translated: Mi Kyong Kim and You Sun Ha                                    Edited by: *Maiden America*  ARTIST ALLEY:INTERVIEW WITH KIM JUNG GI Welcome to another addition of ...
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Dangan Ronpa Episode 1 Review

Dangan Ronpa Episode 1 Review: A High-Speed Train Wreck We're on our way into the Summer 2013 anime season! Many series have made their debuts, going on the.

Bakuman Volume 20 Review

It all started with a dream. A dream that follows the arduous path of becoming the number one manga creators of all time, and at the end of that path is love.
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Kill La Kill Episode 1 Review

The long wait is over, and the anime to save all anime has arrived! From the people who brought you Gurren Lagann; Studio Trigger brings you one of the biggest oddities of the Fall season known as Kill la Kill. To begin, the series brings us to Honnouji Academy, a dystopian school with iron-clad rules.
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SDCC News: comiXology Partners Up With Seven Seas

On July 18th at San Diego Comic Con, it was announced that Seven Seas Entertainment, a manga publisher of New York Times Best Selling manga, would partner up wi.
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Otaku Quirks!: Taking Your Hobby on the Go?!

Welcome to the first article of Otaku Quirks! In this column, I’ll be going over weird habits that only we, as Otakus, would have. Before we get down to the topic let’s first go over: What is an Ot...
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New Sailor Moon Anime Premiering Winter 2013

The whole world has been waiting, and fans everywhere are one step closer to getting the new Sailor Moon anime they have always wanted! It was announced at the.
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Rage of Bahamut CM [Mobile Game]

Check out the latest mobile game from Mobage! Shingeki no Bahamut (you wish I said Kyojin instead), or also known Rage of Bahamut. Shingeki no Bahamut is a mobile card battle game in which players ...
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Ufotable Will Re-Animate Fate/Stay Night

After many years of waiting, fans of the Fate/Stay Night series have finally received the remake they have been waiting for! Ufotable Will Re-Animate Fate/Stay.
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Chang Kim

I am a freelance journalist focusing only on the Otaku industry. My fields of report cover anime, manga, music, video games, and etc. I am an owner of a blog, and I work for two websites as a writer focused on Otaku culture:



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